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Choosing exterior and interior house paint – should you consult a professional

Should you hire a professional to help you choose exterior and interior house colours?

You can’t just go to the hardware store and pick up a random bucket of paint to spray on your walls. It is important to consider the best paint colours for exterior and interior painting.

We will discuss the components of your paint as well as the main differences between exterior and interior paint. This will help you to know the right paint for you.

The major components of any paint

It is important to understand what is in each painting so you can appreciate the differences. The four main components of any paint include pigments; solvents; resins; and additives. These four components give paints different properties and decide what surfaces you can use them.


Pigments are particles finely ground that are mixed into the paint to give it its colour.


Solvents are liquids in which all of the components are suspended. They give the paint its moisture and allow it to be applied on surfaces. The solvent in latex paints is primarily water. Most oil-based paints contain a mineral spirit, or a combination thereof. When the paint dries the solvent evaporates and leaves behind other components.


These are what give the paint its properties. The paint’s colour accuracy is enhanced by the addition of these additives. They prevent mildew from growing, determine how easy it is for you to apply, and can affect how easy it will be to clean once the paint has dried.


Also called binders resins are what glue your paint to the surface. They are used to hold pigments together and form the paint film. Some resins can be made of silicone, acrylic, or seed oil derivatives.

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What are the differences between exterior and interior paint?

Interior and exterior paints differ mainly in the resins and other additives they contain.

  • Interior paint
  • Exterior paint

Rigid resins

  • It’s easier to clean colour
  • More difficult to stain
  • Can be used to scrub and wash.

Soft resins

  • Make the colour stronger
  • Endure temperature changes,
  • Moisture resistant,
  • More adhesion
  • Protect the paint from sunburn.

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Exterior and interior paints contain various additives to control drying time and protect over time. Interior paints are not designed to be used outdoors and won’t last as long because they lack heavy-duty additives.

Most exterior colours are not suitable for indoor use. This is because their additives render them unhealthy if used in enclosed spaces, where the fumes don’t disperse as quickly.

Some paints can be used indoors and out. Due to their added utility and versatility, they are often more expensive.

Consider hiring a Pro to help you paint your home. Yes. You can paint any space or object you wish, but it is best to speak with a professional.

You can make costly mistakes buying paint, as there are so many options. It is often free to consult with professional Pretoria painters and you will get the best paint for your needs.

A Pro painting contractor can simplify your entire house painting project. Pros will complete the job quicker and better.