Tuesday 15 Jan 2019
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shipsociety Another look at the very strange story of Donald Crowhurst.The Mercy features Colin Firth in this recent docu-drama… https://t.co/4txckY3wh0
shipsociety RT @chrisLgodden: 3 Months 1 Week 5 Days to go till my Norway trip 1. Flights - done 2. Hurtigruten - done 3.Accommodation - done Oust…
shipsociety It's a taste of the high life this week, as we enjoy a peek behind the scenes aboard Queen Mary 2 transatlantic. Th… https://t.co/rWS8XO1aEF
shipsociety Tonight at 8pm our guest speaker is Kieron Cox: lecturer on maritime studies, developer of ship simulators, and man… https://t.co/pFBosgdErw
shipsociety RT @chrisLgodden: Most viewed pic on #flickr for the 7th November 2018 - Europa 2 https://t.co/hOe4F090HJ